Module 2


Before starting any blogging in the classroom we would have to go through safety and etiquette when using the internet.

I am gradually realising the the many benefits of blogging in the classroom. When it was originally put to me I wondered what the point was as many of the blogs I had read were about people’s everyday life- how could that  be relevant? After watching  clips and reading teachers websites for using blogs, I have found many reasons including:

  • tracking writing progress
  • writing for an audience which makes it meaningful
  • connecting with people  globally which opens up their learning
  • expressing their learning and thoughts
I have just signed up on Twitter  and have already seen the personal benefits. Once I started following education related tweets rather than the celebrities first suggested, I could spend hours following the links. There is soooo much out there. The clip suggested made it clearer to me how using Twitter in the classroom can be beneficial. I will have to spend more time on Twitter and less on Candy Crush!