Module 3

I stumbled around gmail, Google+ and Google Drive  not knowing what was what. It gradually dawned on me that Google+ is like Facebook. Everything else came together after going over the clips again. Along the way I  discovered many links that will be valuable for my own learning and what can be done in the classroom. It  is not only documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations that can be stored in the cloud but also music, photos and videos. I will have to learn how to use spreadsheets now . Something else to put on my ‘to do list’.

I have shared a document with a colleague and made a form which I shared with staff.  I did this with staff as I don’t have my own class. The first thing I thought when I saw all the graphs that were created when using forms was that it  would be a great  for chance and data. When the children collaborate for ‘projects’ it will be obvious to the teacher how much work each child has put in.


So has the USB  become obsolete? Drive is such a neat and simple way (once you ‘get it’) to go about storing and accessing data.


Does this mean that every student will have their own gmail account? I think it does.

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