Module 4



I have used Podcasts to listen to comedians and discover things I didn’t learn in history. I have come across a  site that offers a plethora of podcasts, 50 Educational  Podcasts  You Should Check Out  Not all are relevant but I will endeavor to go through the list and see if I can learn anything along the way. It  is a nifty way for students to record their discoveries/work and perhaps a more comfortable way for some as they may find talking in public very disconcerting.

I have used iTunes to download music, music videos and podcasts but was not aware that I could download videos and television shows. It is a great library for music and can be used to enhance stories the children have created.

I used Animoto and have created a slide show and am very pleased with the outcome. once I learnt how to save the images properly I put it together in no time and even uploaded a song to compliment the images.

This is a great way for students to showcase their learning through slideshows or videos and add their own choice of music. I have used a similar tool with my class to create their own myths when we studied a unit on Stories, Myths and Legends.

After visiting the various video sites I maintain that You Tube is by far the best as it has anything and everything on it. I have used it a great deal when teaching science topics. I have even used The Magic School Bus; an old but timeless series of cartoons that have the children enthralled from start to finish and explain things so well.


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