Module 5

I looked into some other mind mapping tools and came across Popplet. From the very short experience I had with it,  it appears to be easier to “work” than  and pictures can be drawn. It seems more kid friendly.

Some of the activities on BtN this week suggest using Glogster, Prezi and Bio Cube!

One day later……..

Man, I have just experienced a huge learning curve. I have put together a glog about William Shakespeare as the students love to act out his plays. Ta dahh.

Once I got the hang of copying images and uploading them I enjoyed the whole experience. It is easy to see how exciting it could be for students. I like the suggestions that are included to keep you focused on what content to include. This is a perfect segue to teaching the students about copyright. The following link is a great resource for doing just that.

Prezi is like an up market PowerPoint which I like. I have put one together which was quite straightforward.



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