Module 9

Scootle is an excellent resource for the classroom and beyond. It has a vast array of websites to use and the fact that it is all connected to the Australian curriculum makes so much sense. Another tool I will have to put more time into.  Pinterest is fantastic for this too. It is a very simple tool that has a category of teaching ideas that are constantly being added to. The fact that it is image based is a winner for me.  Clicking on the image brings up it’s web site.

Second Life looks very interesting and I like that it is “virtual learning”. Being involved in a  Shakespearean play or visiting Roman baths would be a novel way of instilling as “doing” is one of the best ways of learning. The limitations would be the topics it doesn’t  offer.

I use Facebook and find it a great way to keep up with all my friends and discover a few good sites, Earth Porn being one.  Primary aged children can’t use it and I think this is a good thing as you need to be accountable for what you contribute online.

I can’t really see the point of Linked In for primary aged children or teachers.

Twitter is something I will have to investigate more for the educational links it offers. I can”t really see how primary children can benefit from this tool.


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