Module 1!

Soooo……. here we are.

I am teaching only one day a week at the moment but am eager to find out all I can and use some of these tools in the classroom in the fututre

This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time but have never really known how to go about it all. I want to get to know  the tools available and how to use them so that IT in the classroom is not simply word processing, power points or gathering information that is cut and pasted.

I got to Module 3 and it was not all clear to me so I have gone back to the beginning and have watched the clips a few times – it is starting to make sense to me.

Question: From the little I know of Twitter, how can it be used by primary aged kids?

Videos 3 & 4 made me realise that it is not just the ‘learned’  who produce the content on the internet- everyone and anyone can and do so in so many different ways.

I know and use about 1/5 of the 25 tools mentioned. It will be interesting to see how many I can use with confidence by the end of this course.

The following YouTube clip says a great deal about the way I feel. Kids today are digital learners – how are we helping them?

Being a Facebook user I don’t know how often I will use Google+ but I have signed up for it. Perhaps I should use it to expand my circle of educators and what they have to offer. If necessary I can use Google Hangouts too but at the moment I use Skype. This is a tool that is truly amazing. I love the fact that you can be face to face with friends or schools on the other side of the world.